Strategic Outsourcing

With a rapidly evolving regulatory and technology landscape, small and medium-sized enterprises have been faced with an increasingly challenging operating environment. Outsourcing enables small and medium-sized businesses to become agile and remain competitive by keeping costs down, improve the business model, and spend money where required. 

Outsourcing business and IT processes have come of age. Today, sourcing strategy goes much beyond getting rid of labor-intensive repetitive tasks and focus on creating value for a customer. Sourcing empowers businesses to lower the cost to operate, improve Service quality, onboard a diversified pool of talent, and reduce time to market. Businesses that get this right can shape the cost, risk, and talent structure of their operations.

Choosing the best-fit outsourcing partner is vital for your businesses to gain a competitive edge in the market. Strategy consultants at Sowubana assist you with the end to end of the sourcing lifecycle. The team at Sowubana possesses decades of expertise in working with medium to small-sized businesses across industries, enabling clients to decide on what to outsource, whom to outsource and how to outsource. 

We work hand in hand with clients across the supply chain, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, education, start-ups understand the existing landscape, develop a sourcing strategy, select the right outsourcing partner, transition, and ongoing governance to turning around or renegotiating under-performing outsourcing relationships. 

Strategy consultants at Sowubana enable clients to outsource their IT and Software development, Hardware Support, Website Development, and Maintenance, Software Implementations, Risk Management, Software Related Issues, Technology Upgrades, Deskside support, Phone-based support, Backup, data hosting and protection, payroll services, human resources, administration and invoicing

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