Software Tool Selection

Significant increases in software productivity can be achieved through the effective selection and use of software tools. The complexity of evaluating tools increases exponentially with functionality. Selecting a software tool requires weighing many nebulous product criteria such as features, usability, robustness, and quality. An incorrect or partial understanding of the tool or the problem statement that a tool is trying to solve may result in operational inefficiency and impact the cost of doing business. 

The tools consulting team at Sowubana, work hand in hand with your businesses to understand objectives and desired goals. Based on your IT budget, our specialists make a detailed strategy and shortlist the tools that fit into your business model. Before finalizing a tool, we make a thorough evaluation through a stepwise decision-making process. The process involves demos, pilot projects, and Proof of concept (POC).

Each evaluation process is recorded with its reasoning and a final report produced to record reasons for the tool selection or rejection. This process guides evaluators, aids resource allocation and can be used by other parties such as managers, quality departments, other evaluators to confirm reasoning and issue coverage. 

Once a tool is finalized, specialists at Sowubana work hand in hand with your business to implement the tool, integrate the tool with existing IT infrastructure, and educate stakeholders, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience. 

The team at Sowubana possesses decades of expertise in empowering small to medium-sized enterprises to make an informed and sound tool selection decision. We have helped businesses choose software development stacks such as LAMP, MEAN or WISA, database selection(MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server or Mongo DB, Data analysis tool selection (Excel, python, R, etc.), a data visualization tool selection (Tableau, Power BI, Dash, etc.), choose between operating systems (Windows, UNIX, ReactOS, etc) and the like.

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