Process Consulting

The success of a company hinges on its process, people, and tools. In a world of rapidly evolving technology landscape, businesses need to adapt and optimize processes to stay relevant.

Sowubana enables you to untangle business processes, manage complexity, reduce costs, improve quality, increase efficiency, and make an impact on your customer.

We leverage technology and a blend of project management methodologies to transform your businesses. We apply Lean Six SigmaZero-based Redesign, Total Quality Management, and more with the aim to establish best practices swiftly across all Enterprise & Line-of-Business. 

The Team at Sowubana specialize in

  1. Integration of the enterprise, bringing together applications, platforms across networks, and people to establish best practices for enhanced responsiveness and productivity.
  2. Cost optimization by outsourcing processes to a trusted service provider and reinvesting savings into new technology & business initiatives.

ERP specialists at Sowubana enable small to medium-sized enterprises, across industries to implement and migrate Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. We aim to integrate business applications, human resources, finance, order processing, track invoice, and related functions within a firm. A dedicated team of experts manages the entire workflow, from understanding your business requirements, evaluating the most optimal solution, installing, training, and fine-tuning the product to fit your business objectives. 

We empower clients to achieve

  1. Better Customer Service
  2. Leverage technology to lower costs, reduce waste and increase in efficiency
  3. More accuracy, reduction in errors and a decrease in time to market
  4. Focus on value addition, automate repetitive tasks

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